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Marriage and Family Counselling

As a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist (RMFT), I am uniquely qualified to assist with relationship issues. I hold a Master of Marriage & Family Therapy degree from the University of Winnipeg and have completed over 1000 supervised clinical client hours.

Whether I work with families, couples or individuals I bring a systemic perspective to my practice. This means that I focus on the relationships between people and view problems within this context. I work from a number of theoretical perspectives including Emotionally Focussed, Narrative and Structural theories. I have worked with a variety of couple and family configurations ranging from newly formed couples looking to embark on a long and satisfying relationship for the first time to large extended and blended families.

Research shows that family counselling is a preferred and effective treatment for depression, severe mental illness, substance abuse, couple problems and parenting concerns. Marriage and family therapy is also relatively brief (12 sessions on average) and solution focussed. For more information see the AAMFT and RMFT websites.

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