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I provide trainings and workshops to a variety of populations including social service and health care professionals, community groups, schools, parent and other community groups. Below are some examples of workshops that I have presented. Any of the following topics can be adapted/changed for the workshop participants' needs:
Adolescent Substance Use & Family Therapy
Half/full-day workshop for family therapists and family counsellors with particular attention to working with multi-problem families and intervention strategies to assist these families with overcoming substance abuse problems using family therapy as the primary intervention.
Engaging Families
One-day workshop for social service professionals and helpers on engaging families in the helping process. Focus is on working with multi-stressed families such as those struggling with addiction & mental health issues and how to intervene using a systemic approach.
Adolescent Substance Abuse & the Family
One-day training for addictions counsellors working with youth. Topics include the effects of substance abuse on the family, engaging youth & their families in treatment and intervention strategies for rehabilitation counsellors.
Working with Unmotivated or Mandated Clients
One/two-day workshop for social service professionals and educators focussing on Prochaska and de Clemente’s Transtheoretical Model of Change and Miller and Rollnick’s Motivational Interviewing strategies. Focus on dealing with angry and apathetic clients. This workshop is experiential and skill building focussed.
Adolescent Substance Abuse
Half/full-day workshop introducing issues related to adolescent substance use.
Working with Groups
One or two-day training on working in a group setting. This workshop is experiential in nature and focuses on increasing knowledge of group counselling theory and improving group facilitation skills.
Parenting Workshops
This workshop can be as short as two hours or as long as one-day/several evenings. Focus on building communication with pre-teens and teens. Setting reasonable limits and following through with appropriate and meaningful consequences that promote choice for the independently minded young person.
Resiliency & Loss of Function
This workshop can be as short as an hour or as long as half a day. Focus is on maintaining a positive attitude through illness or disability and strengthening the resiliency within us.
Loss of Function & Its Effects on Relationships

This workshop can be as short as one hour and as long as one day. Focus is on strengthening the couple/family relationship after chronic illness and/or disability.

Couple Enhancement

This workshop can be adapted for 1/2 day/evening or a series of 1/2 day/evening sessions. Topics include improving communication, developing intimicy, putting fun into your relationship and strategies for resolving conflict effectively.


Below are some examples of interviews I have provide to the media. For media requests please contact me.

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